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Now you can pay your share, your family, your friends the easy way. With our C2C People Pay, you can send and receive money as easily as you send and receive an email or text. C2C People Pay is our latest digital banking tool designed to make transferring money to the people in your life simple and hassle free. You create more good will and a lot less IOUs.


Forgot your wallet? No cash on hand? You can still split the bill or pay the plumber. C2C People Pay lets Citizens Online Banking and Mobile App users make personal payments anytime, anywhere via the convenience of your computer, smartphone or tablet. When people need money from you, all you need from them is their email address or phone number to transfer funds. They get an email or text giving them the simple steps to deposit the funds into their account. C2C People Pay is the easy solution to life’s sticky payment situations.

How it works:

Step 1: To send money, all you need is your friend's e-mail address or mobile number. Step 2: Your friend will get a text or e-mailsaying you've sent them money. Step 3: Your friend receives the payment directly into their account.


Read through these frequently asked questions about what will be one of your most frequently used banking tools. C2C People Pay is easy to use for you and the person receiving payment.


Here’s How It Works:

What is C2C People Pay?

The Citizens Bank is now offering person-to-person payments, an innovative personal payment service that eliminates the need to write checks or carry much cash. You can now send and receive money as easily as you send and receive email and text messages no matter where the recipient banks.

How does C2C work?

C2C People Pay lets Citizens Online Banking users make personal payments anytime, anywhere via the convenience of your computer, smartphone or tablet. All you need is the recipient’s email address or cell phone number, no exchange of personal banking information is required. C2C is used within our online banking system and the Citizens mobile app. A customer must be signed up for online banking and have a debit card in order to use C2C.

How do I enroll in C2C?

After logging into Online Banking, go to Send Money under the Transactions menu.  Click the Send Money button at the bottom of the screen and then Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Once the Terms and Conditions are accepted, you will need to enter your The Citizens Bank debit card information. After the debit card information is entered and verified you will be ready to send money.

Do recipients need to be a customer of The Citizens Bank?

No. If the person you are sending money to is not registered with The Citizens Bank, they will receive an email or text inviting them to use the service and to claim the money. The recipient will then use a secure website to enter their information.

How does the recipient receive the money?

They will receive an email or text with instructions on how to direct the payment into their checking or savings account. The recipient will have the option to receive the funds same day using their debit card or within 3 business days using the ACH option. The recipient’s debit card number or bank routing and account numbers will have to be entered.

Will I know when the transaction is completed?

All C2C history can be found in the Send Money link within Online Banking.  Once the transaction is completed the status within the History will change from Payment Sent to Payment Collected.

When will the funds I am sending be available to the recipient?

The funds will be directly deposited into the recipient’s bank account. Funds will be immediately available if the recipient chooses to receive them using their debit card.  They are generally available within three business days in the recipient’s checking or savings account from the date they accept the funds if opted to receive via ACH. The recipient will receive a success notification at the end of accepting the funds.

What happens if the recipient does not receive or deletes the text or email for the transfer?

You can contact Customer Support at 601-656-4692 and request to have the text or email resubmitted to the recipient.

What if the recipient does not complete the request to receive the funds?

After 10 days, the money will be automatically credited back to your account if the recipient has not completed all of the steps to receive the funds. You can also contact The Citizens Bank Customer Support at 601-656-4692 to request that the request be deleted.

What does C2C cost?

C2C is free for all Citizens Bank users. Normal data and text message rates may apply.

Are C2C payments safe?

Our personal pay system is encrypted, meaning your financial information is shielded.

Are there transaction limits?

The Citizens Bank debit cards have a daily limit of $2,500.00.

Why use C2C?

Paying via your mobile phone is instant and easy for anything “on the go”. There is no need to find an ATM or to carry cash or checks. C2C is used often for splitting the tab at a restaurant or for paying the babysitter or house cleaner. You can pay your kids (at college, allowances, at the mall, etc.) The possibilities are endless.

Who do I contact if I have questions about C2C?

Please contact our Customer Support Department at 601-656-4692 or


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